Home Decor

Home Decor

Your luxury home decorated with handcrafted artisanal objects for a minimalistic interior décor with multicultural influences.

Kachuwa Lamps

A unique lighting concept. Inspired by the turtle shape our copper and brass copper lamps are accent lamps that give warmth and luxury to home and boutique hotels. Table lamps in hammered copper or brass. Handmade in Nepal.

Copper, Brass & Wood

Mele Bottles

Copper bottles for health and beauty. One of a kind designer table décor and luxury boutique hotel amenities. Handmade in Nepal.

Baala Plates

Decorative copper plates for a luxurious table décor handcrafted by Nepali artisans. Handmade in Nepal, by nepali artisans with ancestral skills.

Candles & Holders

Venus & Petal Discs

Stand alone copper handcrafted disc, as the focal point for a modern elegant interior. Handmade in Nepal.